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Energy consumption continues to remain a critical issue for IT organizations with most data centers spending as much on energy (power and cooling) as they do on hardware infrastructure.

Increase Efficiency and Drive Savings by Building a Green IT Infrastructure with Virtualization
With VMware, which allows you to convert one physical machine into many virtual servers, you can bring greater efficiency and lower costs for energy, equipment, and server administration. Each virtual server functions as a full physical server, applications run exactly the same as if they were on a standalone machine. Servers can be placed on standby while not in use and instantly brought back online when needed. Virtualization provides tremendous energy benefits and a lifeline to datacenters that are running low on capacity and high on power and cooling costs. Leveraging innovations in virtualization technology, VMware infrastructure provides increased IT flexibility, reliability and availability, and frees datacenters from the shortcomings of a static, physical IT infrastructure. Businesses now have the ability to create virtualized, dynamic IT environments that are cost and energy efficient and support the green movement in a significant way.

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