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Screen Pops

Screen Pops – Fully Customizable to your Specifications
Microsoft® .NET-connected integration tool that provides CTI integration for Microsoft CRM. Companies implementing Microsoft CRM for sales and service automation can further enhance employee productivity by integrating contact center screen pop capability from the phone system.

The phone system’s Microsoft CRM integration offers the following capabilities to contact center agents’ desktops:

  • Defining of individual workgroup preferences to screen pop one of the following Microsoft CRM web pages:
  • Contact page based on caller ID or caller-entered 10 digit phone number
  • Account page based on caller ID or caller-entered 10 digit account number
  • Order page based on order number
  • Case page based on case ID
  • Invoice page based on invoice number
  • Contract page based on contract number
  • Product page based on product ID
  • Use of dialed number (DNIS) to pop one of the above Microsoft CRM web pages for a workgroup call.
  • Service agent can belong to multiple groups and pop different Microsoft CRM web pages for different workgroup calls.
  • Contact page screen pop is also available at the extension user desktop through the agent client.
  • Centralized web-based management and local configuration for Windows control.
  • Option to create new Microsoft CRM entry for each call or update existing entry.
  • Option to minimize Microsoft CRM window when call is completed.


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