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AltiGen VoIP PBX Solutions



Whether your company is large or small, branch office or headquarters, single site or multiple offices, AltiGen VoIP solutions offer a customizable Enterprise class phone system that will meet all of your business communication needs.  AltiGen IP PBX systems have been designed to be robust, flexible, reliable and cost effective — and easily scale in both size and capability. Since the features are delivered as software, unlike proprietary hardware-based phone systems, you are in control, able to deploy exactly the features and applications your business requires.

On Premise

Self-managed, All software IP-PBX and Contact Center solution deployed on Intel servers

Private Cloud

Fully Managed, All Software IP-PBX and Contact Center solution deployed in the AltiGen Cloud.

Softswitch SaaS

Fully Managed, All Software IP-PBX and Contact Center solution deployed in the AltiGen Cloud.

Automated Phone Survey Solution

Tired of wondering what your customers think? Automated Phone Surveys are the smart, easy, & cost efficient way to gain the customer insight you need.
  • Implement endlessly versatile surveys and analyze the results instantly.
  • In-bound surveys are available 24/7 giving your customers the flexibility to call in and complete the survey anytime.
  • Achieve higher response rates than with live surveys.
  • Collect customer data and feedback and receive the survey results through email.
  • Conduct market research or find out how your employees are doing and instantly follow-up with customers.

On-Hold Music

Your chance to be heard! Custom On-Hold Marketing Packages!

Every second a caller spends on-hold is precious to them and to you. More than likely, they have a question related to a buying decision. You have an opportunity to positively effect that decision. With the right mix of music and information, delivered at precisely the right moment to the waiting caller, you seize the moment and your business profits! The hold button on your telephone becomes a valuable asset!

Call Center Applications

IP Phones & Hardware

E911 & Fax Servers


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