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NEW: Data Destruction


SRMS Network Technologies is now offering Data Destruction Services for Onsite or Offsite Media and Equipment Sanitation and Data Eradication.  Make certain your sensitive information is gone for good and doesn’t end up in the wrong hands!

Type of Data Destruction Services Offered:


Clearing, also known as overwriting, preserves the media for re-use after the data sanitization process. The clearing process must replace written data with random values at all addressable locations.  Media can be effectively cleared by one overwrite using currently available sanitization technologies. Deleting files, re-imaging and formatting are not acceptable methods of clearing.


Purging: Purging is a stronger method of sanitization to remove data without the possibility of recovery.

  • Powering Down is one means of purging by removing all power sources, both main and any backup power sources such as batteries, for a period of no less than five (5) minutes. Data contained on volatile memory will be sanitized by removal of power source (i.e. CMOS battery) or by Physical Destruction of the host circuit card or memory device.
  •  Secure Erase is executed through the firmware secure erase command (for ATA drives only) and is an acceptable method for purging. Secure Erase performs at least three (3) write passes over the existing data where one pass must consist of all zeros (0x00), one pass must consist of all ones (0x01), and one pass must consist of a random bit stream.
  •  Chip Erase purges data per a full chip erase as specified by manufacturer data sheets.
  •  Degaussing is a typical method of purging where the degaussed media is not expected to be re-used. Degaussing is exposing the magnetic media to a strong magnetic field in order to disrupt the recorded magnetic domains. Degaussing can be an effective method for purging damaged or inoperative media, for purging media with exceptionally large storage capacities, or for quickly purging diskettes. Degaussers will be periodically tested to ensure proper operation.

When degaussing hard drives, all shielding materials which might interfere with the Degausser’s magnetic field will be removed prior to Degaussing and for hard drives with very high coercivity ratings, it may be necessary to physically remove the platters prior to degaussing. Hard drives subjected to degaussing are rendered useless. In additional to all data being physically destroyed on the platters, programming logic contained within the hard drive controller circuit boards are also destroyed.

Physical Destruction

Physical Destruction: Means to Disintegrate, Incinerate, Pulverize, Shred, Melt or Punch Holes in the media. These methods are designed to completely destroy the media and therefore any data it contains. Physical destruction includes the following processes:

  • Disintegrate is to break up into small pieces as a result of impact or decay
  • Incinerate is to destroy by burning
  • Pulverize is to reduce to fine particles
  • Shred is to cut into small pieces
  • Melt is to make liquid by heating
  • Punch Holes is to remove disk drive spindle

Our Data Destroyer Services Include:

  • Tracking and validation of equipment assets
  • Full reporting on equipment and media sanitization
  • Onsite sanitization – degausser, shredder, software device
  • Offsite security through Chain of Custody process
  • Certificate of Data Destruction to attest to eradication
  • Data eradication meets DoD 5220.22-M standard
  • Data eradication meets industry NIST standards
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