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Firewall Management Service

For organizations seeking a more comprehensive solution, SRMS Technologies offers its Firewall management solution.

  • SRMS Technologies assumes full or shared control of the firewall administrative functions based on the customer’s needs.
  • SRMS Technologies Security Engineers monitor the device on a 24 x 7 basis for the presence of malicious or unauthorized activity.
  • When malicious activity is detected a SRMS Technologies Security engineer will proactively take the necessary steps to thwart the attack.
  • SRMS Technologies engineers will perform all management functions associated with keeping the firewall secure.
  • Firewall management functions include but are not limited to; patch updates; rule set changes, addition or deletions of user access and firmware upgrades.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention – an integrated hardware and software solution; provides advanced Intrusion Detection and Alerting functionality that analyzes your network traffic and automatically alerts of attacks 24×7.
  • Maximum Attack Detection – detects over 1,800 attacks. The attacks may be initiated by external hacker attacks or by problems generated by your internal equipment or network users.
  • Easy Configuration – Many Intrusion Detection Systems are difficult to navigate and configure. This weakness translates to false positives network administrator distrust of their system. The SRMS Technologies Appliance uses a simple web browser interface that makes tuning the Appliance easy. You can easily tune the system to remove false positives.
  • Low Maintenance/enhancements every night – The SRMS Technologies Appliance automatically updates the latest vulnerability assessment tools; IPS/IDS attack signatures and program enhancements every night.
  • Web Traffic Logging - Optional web traffic modules are provided with each appliance. These modules complement and are compatible with your existing network infrastructure and security equipment.
  • Syslog Central Management – Optional syslog management modules are provided with each appliance. Many firewalls and other network devices have the ability to log to central location, a syslog server.
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